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Dura Supreme

Morel - Walnut

Morel - Walnut

Exotic Veneers

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Dura Supreme's Exotic Veneer program utilizes "engineered" wood veneers to achieve a desirable consistent color and graining (with the exception of Bamboo and Walnut, which are natural wood veneers). Natural veneers exhibit color and grain variations which are not always appreciated for contemporary design themes that require sleek consistent color. Additionally, exotic veneers are an environmentally friendly choice because they utilize sustainable wood species that are abundant and readily available.

Many of our engineered veneers utilize European Poplar. With its overall light coloring and subtle grain pattern, it is ideally suited to create distinctive colors and patterns for engineered veneers.

To create an engineered veneer, logs are processed as usual for veneers. A rotary lathe peels the log and then the sheet of veneer is clipped into shorter sections called "leaves". The leaves are then processed through a dyeing vat to create the various colors for the specific engineered veneer. Depending on the particular color and pattern being produced, the veneers are stacked with alternating colors and then glued together in a large block of wood. Once the veneers have been pressed into a large block, they can be re-sliced to create the desired grain pattern, texture and color.

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