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Precision Pro+ Bath Render

Precision Pro+ Bath Render

Design Services

Enhance your bathroom remodel with our exclusive 4K Design Service, now tailored for precision and efficiency:

  • Small Bathrooms (up to 40 sq. ft.): $1,800 – Includes 2 render views
  • Medium Bathrooms (41-70 sq. ft.): $2,200 – Includes 2 render views
  • Large Bathrooms (71-100 sq. ft.): $2,600 – Includes 2 render views
  • Luxury Bathrooms (over 100 sq. ft.): Starting at $3,000 – Includes 3 render views

Our service features ultra-high-definition, photorealistic renderings, offering an unparalleled level of detail and clarity. Please note:

  1. One Revision Included: Each tier includes one revision, ensuring your feedback is incorporated effectively.
  2. Post-Selections Meeting Process: Renderings begin only after a selections meeting, where most choices are narrowed down, ensuring a focused and efficient design process.

While these renderings provide a realistic visualization, we advise making final material selections based on physical samples for accuracy. The cost of the 4K rendering does not contribute towards the remodeling project.

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