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Design Services - R2 - Good

Design Services - R2 - Good

Design Services


  • If you are looking to take out a wall(s) discovery may be required. If you have an unfinished basement below or an attic above the wall you'd like to remove this may not be required. Discovery is where open holes in the wall and/or ceiling to see what's in the wall and if it is structural if it has plumbing, ductwork, etc.

    Unfortunately, we do not have x-ray vision. Designing without knowing for sure the status of a wall you'd like to remove could set a project for major surprises, redesigns, and change orders. Generally, discovery costs $500 to $1,000 depending on the number of walls. It does not include patching and painting holes. Holes would be covered with blue tape until demolition is scheduled.

Structural Drawings

  • Structural drawings stamped by an engineer are not included. If you are looking to take out a wall or modify an exterior wall structural drawings may be required. We would be able to provide this service for an additional fee. 

Prepare firm quote for cabinet order or remodeling project

  • For remodeling projects, the firm quote excludes unforeseen conditions not outlined in the Construction Contract. If you are doing a major remodel you can expect to have unforeseen conditions after the demolition is complete. Examples include upgrading existing plumbing or electrical, replacing rotted wood, adding insulation, etc.

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